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  • I mentioned the mock driving test on Wednesday, which I had yesterday, and it was, unfortunately, a fail – failing to stop at a zebra crossing when someone was waiting, which I realised just as I was driving over the crossing. Had I stopped, I would have only made 8 minor errors, so it would have been a comfortable pass, and I could have had fewer than that had I not made a couple of mistakes which made me lose my cool for a bit. I also did what was probably my best ever parallel park, which made me quite happy. Next mock test is this coming Thursday.
  • On Tuesday, to celebrate my dissertation being handed in Hari, took me out for food and a film, the film being Sunshine (3rd on the list of films I am intending to see this year). I would thoroughly recommend the film, although it does play with your mind and is quite scary in parts.
  • I’ve been elected the social secretary of the university’s hiking club, so from September I’ll be planning the club socials. We’re going hiking around Haworth on Sunday, which should be nice, especially as the weather looks sunny this weekend.

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