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  • No, I’m not dead, I just haven’t felt the need to blog for almost two weeks. I know that’s slacking but it’s my blog and I’ll slack if I want to.
  • The big news is that my dissertation has been finished and handed in, so I’m basically finished now. For real this time. All I need to do is get a proper job…
  • Booked my graduation ceremony, and once again baulked at the ridiculous prices being charged for gown hire and official photography. My gown, which I have to wear to the ceremony, cost £40, and the photography was another £30 on top (and that was the cheap package). Admittedly my dad is a good photographer and has a good camera but my grandma will probably moan if I don’t have the official photo for her.
  • At the weekend I went to what was essentially an organised piss-up in a brewery. The brewery in question was the Black Sheep Brewery, a real-ale brewery in Masham, north of Harrogate, where we had a tour and then spent the rest of the day drinking there and at other fine establishments in the town, before making our merry way back to Bradford.
  • It’s now just over 2 weeks until my driving test. My lesson last week wasn’t the best, mainly because the car I’ve been learning in during the past few months was undergoing repairs so I was in a different car. It was still a Vauxhall Corsa, but with one big difference – it was a diesel. And had a very different gearbox which meant that I stalled a lot, especially at lower speeds as its second gear isn’t as flexible as the petrol version. But, I drove in it again yesterday and having got used to its differences I did pretty well. I have a mock test tomorrow, to track my progress.


  1. Good luck with driving test/dissertation/graduation!

  2. All the best with your driving test, when I was learning I drove a Corsa that was the reason for my first car was one. I wanted a car that I felt very confident driving as from my experianced people aren’t very caring of other drivers this was proven when someone tried to cut me off but hit me instead not long after I got my license. That was the day I found out Vauxhall car parts can be expensive so I would recomend caution when you get your first car.

  3. Well done on completing your dissertation