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Those of you who have commented on this blog recently may have experienced timeouts when posting – i.e. you get a blank page rather than one saying thank you. This probably means that Movable Type is trying to do lots of stuff, and gets its processes killed by the server before it has chance to return something. It happens on the back-end a lot too.

So I’m trying out Six Apart’s RebuildQueue plugin, which means that page rebuilds don’t necessarily happen straight-away, but may be delayed for a few seconds. Though much of this site is dynamically generated, some parts are not and so hopefully this plugin will sort those aspects out.

Update: Scratch that – now the pages don’t seem to rebuild at all. Back to normal now.

I also installed Subversion on my MacBook today, from source. It took a while, but seems to work.

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  1. Do you suppose these timeouts are a direct consequence of moving to FastCGI? I’m having lots of timeout issues since switching, but find I can continue by hitting the “Go” or “arrow” next to the address bar.