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Easter Monday Randomness

  • I went down to see Hari yesterday at her parents’ house in the West Midlands. She’s okay – I’m going back home to my parents’ house again today but we’re both back in Bradford this week as term starts again a week today. The university now only give 2 weeks off at Easter rather than the original 4.
  • Both my parents and Hari got me the exact same easter egg – Green and Black’s Maya Gold. Either great minds think alike or I’m too predictable.
  • This is old news for those who know me well but I finally have a date for my practical driving test – May 10th. It now means that I’ve got a date to work for, and I’m reasonably confident that I’ll pass first time.
  • My latest toy is a program called Lighthouse, which essentially brings UPnP (and NAT/PMP) to your Mac, and allows you to dynamically open ports on your router when you run certain programs that require them. For example, when you run Adium, it’ll open the relevant ports for AIM Direct Connect and file transfers, or when you run Bittorrent it’ll open a port to allow remote connections. The program is $13 to buy, although I picked it up for $9 when it was on MacZOT! last week.

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  1. Are you taking it in Bradford? Best of luck 🙂