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Hari’s new graphics card

Hari’s new graphics card has arrived, and so I fitted it earlier today. We went with an Inno3D card based around an nVidia GeForce 7600 GS chipset, since it seemed to represent the best value for money for our budget and was compatible with Hari’s computer – it doesn’t have PCI Express so we needed an AGP card.

As performance goes, the card is an immense improvement. Using World of Warcraft as a benchmark, before, she was getting an average of between 10 and 12 frames per second with all the settings turned down for maximum performance (but low detail). With the new card, she gets a constant 50fps, with many of the enhancements enabled, such as texture detail, terrain distance and spell effects. It looks fantastic, and is very smooth.

This now means that Hari finally has the gaming performance that she’s been wanting for so long, and ends an upgrade process that has seen a new external hard drive, new memory and now a new graphics card. All in all, we’ve spent £220 on new hardware, but seeing as it’ll add value to the computer, and make it less obsolete in future, it should be worth it.

Or, at least, it ends for now. She now wants a new power supply so that her graphics card can run at maximum performance. I think we can pass on that.

Actually, I didn’t realise that the card needs to have a direct connection to the power supply as well as being connected to the motherboard through the AGP socket. I’ll get it sorted soon.

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  1. My computer’s lacking some grunt and I’ve had to turn most of the settings to low to make sure that that WoW runs smoothly.
    I’m thinking of building a new 64 bit computer sometime between August and December this year as I really want to try out Vista.