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New phone

To cut a long story short, I’ve had to buy a new mobile phone. My decision about what to buy was based on what decent unlocked phones were available on eBay at the time for a reasonable price, which ended up being a Samsung E370.

This is the first Samsung phone I’ve owned, and is the first time in a while that I’ve owned a phone not made by Nokia. It’s a slider phone which looks a lot like most of the other Samsung phones out there, but despite being on the cheaper end of their range it still packs a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, media player and support for GPRS/EDGE. It’s not a 3G phone but that’s really not something I find important at the moment, since I never use the internet on it nor do I ever feel the need to make video calls.

Compared with my previous phone, a Nokia 6230i, the E370 is far smaller and lighter. It also has a bigger screen, and as it’s a slider phone unlocking the keypad is as easy as sliding the keypad open; you can even have it make a noise when you do this but the novelty quickly wears off and after a while it’ll just annoy you. The menus are quite easy to navigate, although they take a little getting used to when compared with Nokia’s system. The camera is about average for a cameraphone – not horrible but still worse than a proper digital camera.

Things I miss? Unlike the 6230i, there’s no FM radio, and no slot for an expansion card – the 6230i had a MMC card slot to add extra storage so that you could fit more clips of chavs happy slapping innocent pensioners on it. Also, the E370 isn’t supported by Apple’s iSync, so while getting my numbers off my old phone was easy, I had to enter them manually into the new one. Smart alecs will probably want to say that I could copy the numbers to the SIM card but many of my contacts have more than 1 number and there’s over 100 of them so it’s not really an option for me. Still, gave me a chance to prune those people I no longer speak to, such as old landlords.

As for battery life, I’ve only had the phone since Monday so I can’t really say how good it is. My 6230i could do a week on a full charge with light usage, and the phone I had before that (Nokia 7250i) could do 10 days, so we’ll see how this fares.

Overall I’m really happy with the E370. It doesn’t do everything I want, but until someone invents a phone that is able to write your dissertation for you while making it look like your own work I don’t think I will be totally satisfied. It certainly is good value for money and easy to use, and has a good range of features.

By the way, if someone wants an unlocked Nokia 6230i that works but needs a new screen, cover and battery, drop me a line with an offer.


  1. Come on then… Just how did you break it ???

  2. Can you tell me if none of the samsung phones support syncML? If it was then you wouldn’t have to enter numbers manually( sumthing to make me sick already. I have used 6230i with zyb and then i transferred all my contacts to my new cell through their service.