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Points of bulletness

  • I spent the weekend away from Bradford, hiking in the Peak District with the hiking club. The weather was pretty good (if a little windy) and we managed to do plenty of walking, including up Mam Tor, the local famous hill. There’s about 100 MB of photos sat on my laptop awaiting sorting and uploading to Flickr, which should happen sometime this week.
  • On the computing front, I have been playing around with CrossOver Mac which is now available as a final version (as opposed to the beta versions). I’m now able to run Shareaza reliably, which was something I couldn’t do before. I’m also becoming increasingly impressed at Songbird – the new version 0.2.5 is pretty good and it’s showing a lot of potential.
  • Over on FaceBook I’ve amassed 88 friends in less than a week, and they’re all people I know. That beats the 60 or so I have on MySpace, even after several months.
  • Thursday is the student union elections here at Bradford; this year I’m neither standing nor part of anyone’s campaign team so I’m helping out on the ballot boxes and with the count. If you’re a student at Bradford, please go and vote in it 🙂 .
  • I’m still waiting to get a date for my driving test, but we’re now concentrating on pure practice sessions ahead of it. I managed to go through 3 hours of lessons without stalling last week and for the most part I’m quite confident about passing the test; I just wish I had a date to work to.


  1. I used to use ShareAza, however, I personally prefer using software like LimeWire Pro, eMule and uTorrent.

  2. I know this isn’t realated to your entry but I figured you might find some of this useful its part of presentation done by Rob Griffiths at the MacworldEncore Conference & Expo entitled “The Best of Mac OS X Hints – Tiger Edition.”