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Facing the Book

Since I’m usually fashionably late to these sorts of things, it’s taken me until today to get myself a profile on Facebook. I’ve been on Myspace for a while but it seems to be stagnating; Facebook now seems to be ‘where it’s at’, assuming people still use that phrase.

3 hours after joining and I have 23 friends (all people I know either from university, college or just on the internet generally), with many more requests. At this rate I’ll easily beat the 60 or so friends I have on Myspace.

Also, this blog is now syndicated over there in my notes, so hello Facebook people. Please don’t be scared by the overly technical stuff.

One Comment

  1. thats weird – i got my first facebook invite yesterday (and it wasn’t for you). I didn’t bother to reply as I thought facebook was the post-teen version of myspace.
    And tech stuff? Thought it was all WoW (and I don’t mean vista 😉