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Feed me a meme

Here’s a meme I stole from Dave, originating from Snackie’s World about feeds and blogrolls:

  • Do you read blogs using the list that is linked on your site or do you use a feed reader? Originally I used the list on my site (my blogroll), up until some time in 2004 when I switched to using Nick Bradbury’s FeedDemon which was the first Windows feed reader that didn’t suck or eat half of my memory.
  • If so, what feed reader? Well, FeedDemon was good but I wanted something that wasn’t tethered to one computer, so I eventually switched to Bloglines later that year (despite buying a license for FeedDemon). Then, last year, I tried Google Reader and became a convert, so that’s what I use now instead.
  • What about adding people to your feed reader? Fundamentally the reason why I add feeds to my feed reader is because I find the site interesting for some reason. My feeds are a mixture of blogs, news sites, comics and tracking sites, so it’s not just blogs that end up on there. Many of them are people who comment here but there’s some others that I subscribe to simply because I enjoy reading them, or find them useful. I tend to unsubscribe from feeds which become uninteresting.
  • What is your policy on adding people to your blogroll? My blogroll mostly consists of blogs that I read and like. That’s the basic requirement. If I link to an a-lister it’s because I read their blog and like it, not because I want to seem cool or anything.
  • What about deleting them from your blogroll? If I stopped reading the blog, or the blog got abandoned, then I’d probably get around to removing it at some point.
  • Would you delete them from your reader and not your blogroll? Probably – like Dave from whom I stole this meme from, I only maintain my blogroll every few months so it’s possible that there’s maybe one or two blogs in there that I don’t actually read anymore. They may or may not get pruned at some point in the future.


  1. It seems that everybody is switching to Google Reader! It’s a great service… and free! 🙂

  2. It is – Bloglines was good but Google Reader’s Ajaxiness makes it so much better. And it’s not just Ajax for the sake of having Ajax (as in to keep up with the Web 2.0 Kool Kats), it actually makes the experience better by only loading 20 entries at a time and only marking entries as read when you browse over them. It’s great when you’re a few days behind on reading BoingBoing but don’t want 200 entries all loading at once and being marked as read.

  3. Hi Neil!
    I noticed a linkbank from your site, saw the first post and thought, “this must be one of Dave’s friends”.
    Glad you enjoyed the meme!