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Memory on the way

Thanks for all of your suggestions about memory. In the end I went with the Corsair memory, which is due to arrive some time on Wednesday – Scan seem to insist on using courier delivery whereas Crucial just use the Royal Mail, but then again, at least we know when the memory from Scan will actually arrive.

The machine currently only has 512 MB of RAM (made up of 2×256 MB modules), so an upgrade to 2 GB is going to be quite a step up. It’ll hopefully solve the performance issues that it suffers from as most of the other components are very good, and it’ll certainly mean it will run Windows Vista with fewer quibbles should it ever get upgraded.

Long-term readers will know that I first raised the issue of upgrading Hari’s computer back in July; however, it’s only now that we can afford to do so. We eliminated the hard drive as a problem by buying a second, removable hard disk for her music and video files, which freed up a lot of space and allowed for a complete defragmentation run of the drive, but that only led to a very marginal performance improvement. Hopefully, adding more memory will solve the problem, but if not then a new graphics card will be the next step.

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