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Memory upgrade question

Here’s a question for all you memory techie nerd people out there:

Given the choice, would you go for Crucial memory, or Corsair Value Select memory?

The reason why I am asking is that I’m finally getting around to upgrading Hari’s computer, now that memory prices have fallen far enough for it be a little over £100 for a full 2 GB of RAM. Crucial have the memory she needs at £108, but they’re currently out of stock and there’s no indication as to when they’ll get stock back in. Scan, on the other hand, has Corsair Value Select memory available now for £107 including delivery.

Obviously the two cost the same so price isn’t an issue, but should I wait and buy Crucial memory, or get Corsair memory now? The fact that it is ‘value select’ seems to imply that it might not be as good as Crucial’s memory but I have no idea whether this is actually the case; all I know is that Crucial and Corsair are good brands.

Obviously it would be nice if she could afford high quality gaming memory but this is about the best we can do for now. Any thoughts are welcome.


  1. I have always had good luck with Crucial. If I have the option, I always stick with them. Lifetime guarantee and good return policies.

  2. I’ve used both Crucial and Corsair RAM modules in a number of PCs I’ve built and you really can’t go wrong with either one of them. My current box is running Corsair and my previous one ran Crucial.
    You honestly shouldn’t have much of an issue with either company.

  3. So far I’ve only used Crucial memory but I’ve heard some good things about Corsair too – I was just worried that ‘value’ memory may not be as good. I’ve experienced first-hand what happens when you put poor quality memory in a computer (all hell breaks loose) so I make sure I buy good, well-known brands.
    My two experiences of buying from Crucial have both been superb examples of customer service – orders delivered on or before the delivery estimate – and I’ve had a good experience with Scan too.

  4. I’ve never had a problem with “budget” memory from well-known brands – I’d go for the one that’s in stock, as the price is practically the same.
    High-spec “Gaming” memory is probably only worth it if you’re overclocking to the n-th degree and want to wring every last scrap of performance out of a heavily overclocked machine – at “factory” clock speeds you should be fine with the budget stuff.

  5. Have used both types of RAM in systems I’ve built, using the Value Select quite a bit. Never had to replace a stick of it. Don’t bother with high-end gaming RAM unless you’re trying to have bragging rights on latency and such against somebody else.

  6. personally i’d choose crucial because of the rigorous testing it receives before leaving the factory, and the ten year no-quibble guarantee, you will seldom receive a bad stick.

  7. hiya I have used both and out of the 6GIG of ram We have in our various machines 5 of it is the value and never had a issue with it
    I did once have an issue with Crucial memory
    it would only work in slots x & x and if it was moved or more memory added it wasn’t detected . but I feel it was the mobo at fault

  8. I’ve recently upgraded my MacBook Pro. I bought Corsair memory. Works flawless 🙂

  9. Hope she’s paying for it – you certainly can’t afford it.

  10. Yes Neil, I hope she is paying for it. You’ll never be able to afford to keep the both of you in raw meat if you insist on buying your girlfriend computer hardware. Think of the future!
    Tom xxx

  11. I have no problem now after upgrading my old 1gb to Crucial 2 gb. I have installed Vista and have no any problems with system work.