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Shockwave Player on an Intel Mac

Even though Intel-based Macs have been on the market now for over a year now, the Adobe Shockwave Player browser plugin won’t work properly on one. Shockwave is Flash’s older and less-used sibling but some sites still use it occasionally; the BBC is one.

There is a Mac version of the plugin but it is designed for PowerPC-based Macs, not Intel ones. So, to play Shockwave content you have to use a workaround, which means running your web browser as a PowerPC program through Rosetta (since you can’t use a PowerPC browser plugin from an Intel web browser). It’s not the worst workaround ever but it’s still inconvenient.

Why am I blogging this? I guess I’m just surprised that a proper Intel or Universal version of the player isn’t yet available. Though I suppose Shockwave isn’t nearly as popular as Flash and Adobe does not have a great record with getting its applications ready for Intel Macs, with most of its shipping products awaiting new releases before they will be fully compatible.


  1. I totally agree. I get tired of having to flick between disabling Rosetta to use Java and then enabling it again to use Shockwave.

  2. Is there any program for Intel Mac like TVUPlayer on PC? (this might sound stupid question, but I’ve just turned in to a MAC user instead of PC and have these little problems..