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New favourite screensaver

I have a new favourite screensaver: Fenêtres Volantes. It takes your open windows and makes them fly around in a somewhat random fashion while you’re away from your machine. It’s a bit hard to describe but there’s a flash animation showing how it looks on the site.
The best part is what happens when you move the mouse or press a key to go back to what you were doing – the windows all quickly dive back to their original positions. It’s as if your computer has been cheekily rearranging your windows while you were away and then has to put them back when you return to avoid getting noticed.

The screensaver is Mac-only (sorry Windows and Linux people) and is free, but donations are welcome. It replaces my previous favourite, Toaster Clone, a clone of the retro flying toasters screensaver from the early 90s which is available for Mac and Windows users.
Isn’t it weird how the real need for screensavers has now all-but disappeared with systems such as APM and ACPI and the move to LCD displays, but they’re still popular as ever?


  1. Ah yes… it’s a particularly nice screensaver if you have multiple displays. About the only thing that would make it better is if multi-displays could have the windows flying between them (as it is, each screen is treated separately with no interaction).

  2. Awesome find. I love it. One of the best OS X screen savers I have seen. Before this I always used the built in flurry.
    btw, I am back blogging again (at least somewhat… working on trying to increase the frequency of my blogging and the topics back to how it was before), but under a new URL (formally

  3. It occured to me last night that i have been following neil round for the last 10 years of my life. Us both having attened the same school, six form and finaly uni(I am 1 year behind). Although we move in diffrent circles i always give neil a wave in passing(like last night while he was suping red wine). So cheers neil and see you around as i now work in bradford as a animator.(all i gotta do if find your warcraft server now – me = lv 61 1337!)