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February already…

I’ve had a relatively busy week, hence the general quietness here. Most of it has been preparing for London – we go tomorrow evening. Though we booked the important stuff like transport, accommodation and theatre tickets well before Christmas, as soon as our southern friends heard that we were spending the weekend in London we got lots of requests to meet up so that’s probably what we’ll be doing for most of the daytime on Saturday.

Obviously the main reason why we’re going to London is to go out on Saturday night at the theatre, but we are intending to do some sightseeing and moseying around too; that will probably be what we use Sunday for. Hari has only been to London a few times so there’s lots of places she hasn’t seen yet, and she’s quite interested in the British Museum and the Natural History Museum so we may be going to one of those on Sunday. She also wants to see Harrod’s as she’s never been, and I can’t say I’ve been there much in the past decade either. Not that we intend to actually buy anything there.

Of course, our limited budget and the fact that I’m now rather overdrawn means that we’re doing this trip on a tight budget. We wanted to stay in a reasonable hotel, so we’re staying at the usual venue out in Docklands, which is relatively cheap for London (£120 for both of us for the entire stay). Obviously we could stay in a hostel if we really wanted to save money but we’re prepared to pay the extra to stay in a proper hotel. The train tickets were promotional fares booked well in advance and the train fare down is a mere £9 each; unfortunately, we couldn’t get quite the same deal coming back, but they’re still quite cheap. We also both have Oyster cards since our first journey (from King’s Cross to the hotel in zone 3) would cost £4 each without one, but £2 each with one, and the cards themselves cost a £3 deposit.

All in all, we’re both really looking forward to it and hopefully it should be good fun. I’ll be taking my camera and should hopefully have a nice set of photos to upload to Flickr (seeing as I don’t see what all of the fuss is about) upon our return on Sunday evening. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Enjoy your stay: note that with an Oyster card every movement you make will be logged on a central database that already holds your personal details. You are guilty until proved innocent.

  2. I’ve been logging in using a yahoo account since for what feels like forever now. There really is sod all difference to the user experience between the old flickr account and a yahoo one.

  3. Well I’m going to miss being Old Skool 🙁
    I’m a little concerned that the expiry of the Yahoo account would now delete my Flickr account, it feels like an extra point of failure. Oh well, it was inevitable & not going to make me stop using Flickr.