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Brief stuff

Well, it looks like the whole OpenID thing isn’t going so well, with several problems reported. Some seem to be related to the mod_security system on the server, which I can’t control; others seem to be bugs with the Movable Type plugin I’m using. I’ll look into what I can do about it but I may bring back TypeKey logins for the people who want to use it.
Today I did something involving a badge, stairs and the phrase “I couldn’t find a yak at short notice”. More explanation later.
The dissertation
The dissertation is, in fact, not over. Oh no. That’s not until April now. It’s a long story but consequently I’m still a student for another couple of months.
I’ve had to extend my overdraft again. But thankfully some sources of income have appeared on the horizon so hopefully I’ll either be able to pay it off or at least stop running into more debt, which will be nice.
Hari and I are off down to London next weekend. We’re going to a West End musical and some sightseeing; I’ve not been to London in other a year so it’ll be nice to go there again for a few days.


  1. I wouldn’t worry. None of us are having much luck with OpenId 😉

  2. How can you afford to go to London for the weekend if you’re upping your overdraft?!

  3. I’m having an odd problem with OpenID on my blog if I sign in using my blog’s URL. It gives me a URL to a non-existant page on TypeKey.