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Streamlined commenting

Just a quick word up about a wee change in the commenting form. Up until now there have been 4 ways of commenting on this site – ‘anonymously’ (where you simply provide your name, email address and web site URL if you have one), through OpenID, through LiveJournal and through TypeKey.

4 methods is a bit extreme, to say the least. However, LiveJournal sign-ins use OpenID, and TypeKey is now also an OpenID service, so they’re not really needed. Therefore, you now have 2 options – use OpenID, or comment anonymously. This also means that the comments form is much more simple and doesn’t involve the multiple tabs like before.

OpenID is the preferred method for commenting as it’s easier to keep miscreants under check from my point of view – whether it be spammers or just general idiots. Once you’ve posted a couple of good comments using your OpenID account I’ll flick a switch in Movable Type that makes you ‘trusted’ so that your comments will bypass the spam filters too, which means they will appear straightaway.

This doesn’t mean that anonymous commenting is going away – to do so would mean I lose at least 80% of the comments I get here, but by using OpenID you’re helping me sort out the wheat from the chaff. And you won’t have to type in ‘sausage’ every time either.

Incidentally, Firefox 3.0 should have some kind of OpenID support built into it, which could be interesting.


  1. OK, I seem to having problems with this OpenID signin. I signed up for an OpenID on the 22nd.
    According to OpenID’s tutorial on how to use it, it says I need to enter the following into the signin prompt:
    I attempt this here and am seeing a 406 page. Any thoughts?

  2. I can’t log in with my OpenID here. Wikitravel has no problems handling it, though.

  3. That’s interesting. What page is giving you the 406 error – is it on my site or theirs? And are you giving a fully qualified URL – in your case – when signing in?
    I use LiveJournal as my identity broker and it works fine.

  4. When I log-in using MyLID identity I get ‘Error validating identity: bad_mode:’ on your site.
    Try logging in with and you’ll see the problem.

  5. I don’t know if I agree that the tabs are worse than having to do the whole openid thing, but hurray anyway 😉

  6. I like your multi-form thing here in the comments.
    Any chance that you will release the MT template snippet to create it?

  7. multi-form== multiple sign on ways.
    Just to make it clear 🙂
    (I tried to use the openID comment plug in in my blog, but I really got messed up with it, that’s why I would like to see more about how you implemented this here)
    thanks again and sorry for the mess…