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A nerd/geek meme

Found by way of Dave:

  1. Did you not only sigh the biggest sigh of relief ever once you saw that Apple had introduced the iPhone, but you also thought it was totally the coolest phone ever? Oh yes. It’s going to be a long time before we see one in the UK, and at this rate an even longer time before I can actually afford one, but I really do want one 🙂 .
  2. Do you ever miss a front page story on All the time. I don’t read Digg.
  3. When you get bored, do you browse the upcoming stories on Only when I’m seriously bored and there really isn’t anything better to do.
  4. When it comes to your personal web space…
    • Do you have your own REAL website (not blogger/geocities/etc…)? You’re reading it now.
    • Do you actually know how to edit the code for it? Well, Movable Type powers most of it, but there’s bits of PHP and Perl that I’ve added. The PHP-based tag search was written entirely by me, and it actually works too.
  5. Have you ever installed a different OS on a portable/gaming device that it was not meant for? No. I’m not that geeky.
  6. Do You have more than 1 monitor hooked up to your main computer? Used to have a second screen for my laptop, but now that screen is used for my Mac Mini.
  7. Is the only time you use your printer to print out Google Maps? Not quite. It also gets used for train times and photos. Oh, and important stuff like University work, although my dissertation will get laser-printed.
  8. If you dont already have a water cooled CPU, do you leave the side cover off to help keep the temps down? No. Getting the cover off a Mac Mini requires using a putty knife and I daren’t take the cover off my MacBook.
  9. Do you somewhat wish you were living in Taiwan just for the Technology (e.g. free wifi everywhere)? Not really; speaking Chinese isn’t my forte. I’m happy here.
  10. If you cant get rid of a virus or fix a serious problem after a few hours, do you just say f#@% it and format the HD? Only had to do that once recently when my parents’ computer decided it wouldn’t boot anymore; otherwise I tend to be able to fix it. Used to happen a lot before Windows 95, but then I wasn’t that experienced with computers then.
  11. Do you totally wish you could afford a really nice Mac? Oh hell yes. If I had the income to comfortably afford a Mac Pro I would so buy one.
  12. Did you tell your Broadband ISP to take their Cable Modem and shove it and go buy your own (a real one!)? Kinda – I ticked the box saying I didn’t want their bog standard USB modem and instead bought a Netgear DG834G.
  13. Every now and then, do you attempt to hack your neighbours’ wifi connection just for fun? Only ever done it once, and I blame Windows Vista for that. Our internet is from PlusNet who are very reliable – it’s hardly ever down at all – so I’ve never really had the need. Wish the same could be said for NTL – usually it’s off for at least part of the day every Sunday at my parents’ house.
  14. Do you keep spare hard drives around for testing out other OS’s or just for whatever? Nah, I have Parallels for that.
  15. Can you install ATI Drivers into linux? Never tried. The only thing I have with an ATi card is my Mac Mini.
  16. Do you sometimes wish you could just change the channel and start browsing the web on your TV, being able to view it at a decent resolution with good picture quality? (I ask this assuming some of you with laptops have hooked it to the TV and gawked at the horrible image). Erm, no, not really…


  1. The Wii’s good for number 15!

  2. Heh. I don’t think I’ve been able to complete a meme questionnaire faster than this one!