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The Alphabet Meme

I’ve stolen this one from Troy – enjoy:

  • A is for Age: 22 years.
  • B is for Beer of choice: I’m not a big beer drinker but Sol is okay. Prefer premium cider or a spirit and a mixer.
  • C is for Career: I’m aiming for something in the IT industry, although at the moment most of my applications have been for local clerical jobs to get some money together.
  • D is for favourite Drink: Coca-Cola, I’m afraid.
  • E is for Essential item you use everyday: Computer, probably.
  • F is for Favourite song at the moment:Ocean Avenue‘ by Yellowcard. Only recently discovered this band but I like their music.
  • G is for favourite Game: World of Warcraft, even though I haven’t been using it much of late.
  • H is for Home town: Bradford, though I’m in York at the moment and that’s where I’m originally from.
  • I is for Instruments you play: None. Unless you count the triangle.
  • J is for favourite Juice: Orange, or mixed tropical fruit.
  • K is for Kids: Hopefully by the time I’m 30.
  • L is for Last kiss: Was given a kiss by my auntie yesterday, but the last proper kiss would have been with Hari last week.
  • M is for marriage: Sometime in the next few years, I imagine.
  • N is for full Name: Neil Richard Turner. I suppose ‘Richard’ isn’t a bad middle name but I never use it.
  • O is for Overnight hospital stays: None, so far.
  • P is for phobias: Don’t really have any. Sometimes the sight of bloody wounds makes me squirm though.
  • Q is for quote: We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing. – George Bernard Shaw (allegedly)
  • R is for biggest Regret: I used to regret doing some things but they no longer matter. Regrets just hold you back.
  • S is for sports: Hiking. I’m not the athletic or competitive type.
  • T is for Time you wake up: Normally 8am if I’m working, otherwise any time between 8am and 10am.
  • U is for colour of underwear This season, I’ll be mostly wearing blue.
  • V is for Vegetable you love: Cucumber, if it counts (I think it’s technically a fruit). Or lettuce.
  • W is for Worst Habit: I pick my nose from time to time. No, I don’t eat it.
  • X is for X-rays you’ve had: I’ve had two of my jaw, before and after wearing fixed braces.
  • Y is for Yummy food you make: Oven-baked salmon in tin foil, with lemon, pepper, herbs and olive oil.
  • Z is for zodiac sign: Gemini

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