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Toaster go KABOOMIE!

My parents’ toaster blew up yesterday. No flames, just a blue/white flash and a small bang. Thankfully it was just before we went shopping so we were able to pick up a new one along with our groceries – surprisingly Tesco actually sell quite a variety of own-brand toasters.

And yes, we did brave Tesco yesterday. We got one of the last few parking spaces, could barely move around the shop and had to wait almost half an hour in the queue for a checkout. This was yesterday morning… heaven knows what it would have been like that afternoon, or today. And tomorrow especially, what with most shops closing at 5pm or earlier… suffice to say we’re avoiding all shops like the plague for the next few days.

Went to see the family today – I didn’t take my camera, which was a shame as there were a number of instances where I could have taken some really nice photos. I managed to get a few on my phone camera though so once I get them cleaned up a bit I may upload them to Flickr.
Tomorrow will be a quiet day – no real plans. I’m currently down with a rather nasty cold (as usual for Christmas) and it’s been particularly bad over the past few days so I’m going to take it easy and suck on some strepsils.

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