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Trying new LJ cross-posting plugin

As you may well know, entries I post to my blog also get cross-posted to my LiveJournal, since some people prefer to read it that way, and it’s possible.

Up until now I’ve been using the ljcrosspost plugin, which works okay, but it’s rather old (not updated in nearly 2 years) and not too easy to set up. However, I’ve now found MTLJPost, which does a similar job but actually hooks into the Movable Type user interface making it much easier to configure.

Feature-wise ljcrosspost lets you set the mood, music and avatar with your entries (though to do so really requires an additional plugin such as RightFieldssee my guide) whereas MTLJPost just lets you associate a category on your blog with an avatar.

MTLJPost requires an additional Perl library called LJ:Simple which isn’t included, but ljcrosspost also requires the complete Frontier-RPC libraries, again which are not included.

I’ll give MTLJPost a try to see how well it performs. Overall it’s a bit easier to install and use, and it certainly seems to work okay.


  1. Yay for mtljpost!

  2. Does MTLJPost still work for you? When I updated MT on my server it seemed to stop working. At first I thought it was because it couldn’t find the perl module it needed LJ::simple but I had it reinstalled and it still wouldn’t talk to it.

  3. It looks like it’s still working as the entries are still appearing at LiveJournal. Not sure what the problem will be at your end.

  4. Thanks! I contacted my server admins and asked them to try to install LJ::simple again. Once they said they did every thing seemed to work. So either the way the install it make it drop when I try to update MT or I just some how manage to delete it every now and then. Either way this was the third time I’ve asked them to install it. I wonder if they are keeping track? Oh well it’s working now and that’s what counts! Thanks again for your help

  5. Neil, could you please tell me where MTLJPost is located in the menu after install?
    Just can’t find it…