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OpenDNS vs PhishTank

OpenDNS vs PhishTank
This is a screenshot of an attempt to view a suspected phishing site through OpenDNS’s PhishTank service, so that I can vote on whether it is indeed a phish or not. Except OpenDNS is blocking the site, because it’s a phishing site.

OpenDNS’s phishing protection is one of the main reasons why I have installed it on my parents’ internet connection. They do quite a bit of online banking and this, combined with up-to-date copies of Firefox and Internet Explorer 7, and McAfee’s SiteAdvisor, should hopefully offer adequate protection against any dodgy sites. They’re not the sorts of people to get caught out by these scams, since they do not check their personal email that often and tend to be quite cynical of any suspicious emails, but just in case they do stumble over a dodgy site, there should be adequate defences against it.

Still, this little incident amused me.

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  1. Right down the rabbit hole of recursion here!
    Thanks for using OpenDNS.