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Plugin housekeeping

I’ve finally got around to installing the Fast Search plugin for Movable Type. It replaces the existing built-in search, which like the rest of the MT application uses Perl, with one written in PHP which tends to run much faster on most servers, particularly those like mine which do not have mod_perl or FastCGI available.

It’s a nice plugin, and makes good use of MT’s support for dynamic templates which makes the results page easy to customise. And it’s much faster than the built-in search tool, which frequently times out on this site.

I’ve also updated OpenID Comments to version 1.7, and fixed a bug which was preventing the plugin from working. If you notice the following message in your activity log:

Plugin error: /var/www/mt/plugins/openid-comment/ Can't locate object method "add_tag" via package "MT::Template::Context" at /var/www/mt/plugins/openid-comment/ ...

…then open the file and add the line use MT::Template::Context; after use MT; – this seemed to solve the problem for me.

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  1. Neil, thanks for mentioning OpenID. You prompted me to give it a go. Do you happen to know the openid.server for Typekey? Thanks.