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It’s been a while since I dusted off the trusty bullet points and briefed you on what has been going on with me lately, but here goes:

  • As previously mentioned, I’m back in York for Christmas. The decorations and the tree went up at the weekend – I’d post a picture but it basically looks the same as last year, except we’ve forgone the multi-coloured lights in favour of low-voltage red ones.
  • Over Monday and Tuesday, I travelled on no less than 7 trains (plus 4 taxis), and passed through Leeds station 3 times. But I also got to see Hari and her family, which was nice – she’s with her parents for Christmas too. We went shopping yesterday and bought Jelly Tots, and I ate a KitKat while travelling past the Cadbury factory in Bournville which probably makes me the anti-christ or something.
  • I had my haircut today, for the first time since the summer. Its gone from being longer than it ever has previously to being quite short – possibly a bit shorter than I wanted it, but hey, it’s hair, it grows. Hari is having her hair cut and coloured tomorrow, and paying about 5 times as much as I did for the privilege. Being male has its advantages sometimes.
  • If any of you are still keeping track, this Friday just gone was mine and Hari’s 14th monthiversary. We’re still very happy together and are trying to stay in touch as possible over the Christmas break even though we’re over 100 miles apart at the moment.
  • My parents had a bag stolen from their hallway last night, while they were in the house – the front door was unlocked and someone must have snuck in and taken it. It didn’t have anything important or valuable in it thankfully, but we’re keeping the front door locked from now on.
  • Despite being home I’m carrying on my driving – I drove my parents’ Ford Focus under my dad’s supervision on Sunday and have been having lessons with a local instructor as well. Driving in York is a very different experience to Bradford – there’s a lot of narrow roads and slow moving traffic to deal with that I’m not used to, but on the plus-side, far fewer hills. I should still be on track to take my test at the end of January or early February.


  1. Kit Kat? Nestle? That alone makes you the anti-Christ if some people are to be believed. First, McDonalds, then Nestle? What has happened to you?!
    Happy Christmas by the way.

  2. Oh I remember those narrow streets in York – charming but a nightmare to drive through and park on!