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A month’s reprieve

You know this dissertation that I’m doing for my MSc? The one that I’ve been panicking about because it’s due in a week on Friday? The one that is worth 1/3rd of my entire assessment for my MSc course?

It turns out it’s not due in on December 15th…. but January 15th next year. I am one relieved student.

Incidentally I had a driving lesson today where I drove all the way from my home in Bradford to the outskirts of Skipton in the next county, and back again. What’s more, I drove on big roads – dual carriageways with 70mph speed limits – and actually had the confidence to drive at the speed limit and overtake people. I also nearly crashed into a bus, so it wasn’t all good, but it’s progress.


  1. Whew! Good thing you got that reprieve! Now you can wait until January 5th to start working on your MSc! 😉

  2. Or even, January 14th 😉

  3. Good for you.
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