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Why I’m not insuring my car in Bradford

In research conducted by Endsleigh Insurance, my adopted home town of Bradford came highest for car accidents and second highest for car thefts, beaten only by Hull. More residents in Bradford make claims on the car insurance for accidents or the theft of their vehicle than any other city in the UK.

Anyone who has lived in Bradford will probably not be surprised by this. I regularly see cars being driven around with their owners taking almost no regard for the highway code – driving at speed, making risky overtaking manoeuvres on residential streets, doing handbrake turns in the middle of the road… the list goes on. You regularly see broken glass on the road, or dents in the wall when someone has misjudged a corner or just been plain silly behind the wheel – there’s a wall near the university that has been repaired at least 3 times over the 4 years I’ve been living here. And yesterday in the nearby town of Halifax, 20 cars were seized by the police for having no tax or insurance in one morning.

This obviously has an effect on insurance premiums – after all, if people in Bradford are more likely to get their car stolen or damaged, then they’re likely to claim more in their insurance. Bradford has some of the highest premiums for both car and home insurance – out of 6 premium bands, the area I live in is in the second-highest. So when it comes to buying a car next year, I’ll be insuring it at my parents’ house in York, which is thankfully very low down on the survey.

Incidentally, my driving is progressing well – we covered parallel parking last week, and will be moving onto dual-carriageways and the like this week hopefully. With a bit of luck I’ll be booking my test early next year.


  1. ‘I’ll be insuring it at my parents’ house in York, which is thankfully very low down on the survey.’
    You do know that insuring your car at your parents address and then using it somewhere else is both illegal and invalidates your insurance policy?

  2. Only if you’re soft enough to say so on your blog. I know a few ppl who’ve done it in Bradford. If they need to claim they say they’re visiting someone.

  3. Yeah I would kiss goodbye to making a claim if you do that. Its fraud brother!

  4. I think you can legaly insure your car at another address so long as it spends at least 50% of the time at the registered address. One of my housemates used to leave her car at her parents in ilkley for 1/2 the time, and keep it in bradford the rest of the time. But my advice is to check with the insurance company before assuming it.
    (I’m glad to be back in suffolk which has some of the cheepest car insurance-even if it is still about 500 for my first years)

  5. Try insuring your car in northern ireland ?!?!?!?
    I got quoted 25 grand for a pug 306 a few years back. Most companies found in magazines etc etc dont touch belfast.
    Im 26 and stil insured under parents name as getting my own cost thousands – no wonder we get angry and shoot each other