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Disk quota exceeded

For all of you who sent me an email in the last 36 hours, please be aware that I exceeded the (admittedly self-imposed) disk quota for my email account and so any messages sent will have either been lost or rejected. So if it was an important email, you’ll need to resend it.

As for the quota, I’ve increased it since I’m now primarily storing my email there as a backup method. Still, it’s taken me 2 years to go over 100 MB, which isn’t too bad going.


  1. I take it you were aware that if you happen to be on a cPanel server, setting the quota to “0” means unlimited?
    I know cPanel should send out notifications when people get full mailboxes, but sometimes it isn’t realiable….

  2. I’m using 195MB of my 2.7 Gmail gigs.