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Video podcasts

When it comes to podcasts, I have to say that I’ve been very late to the game. Though I own an iPod, I don’t tend to download podcasts since most of the time I only listen to my iPod while going to and from campus, which takes all of 15 minutes – not long enough for your average half hour show. And since it’s an iPod Mini, I can’t watch video on it, or at least not without some third-party firmware which lets me watch it in very poor quality monochrome.

However, I have started playing with Democracy over these past couple of weeks, and taken a liking for a few video podcasts. Note how I’m calling them ‘video podcasts’ and not something stupid like ‘vidcast’ or ‘vodcast’, or ‘vlodcast’ which sounds like some cheap brand of vodka.

  • RocketBoom – although I think Joanne Colan tries a little bit too hard to be funny (and her stereotypical ‘British actor in an American film’ style accent gets a little annoying) it’s often quite interesting, if a little random at times.
  • The Show with Ze Frank – again quite random and I’m sure Americans would get some of the jokes that I don’t, but there’s usually plenty to smirk at.
  • MacBreak – probably only of interest to Mac users, but it does cover some cool things that you can do with Macs. And it’s professionally edited too.

I do also subscribe to the The Scoble Show but I don’t watch every episode – some of them are quite long and not all that interesting. Big tip: short and snappy keeps people’s attention spans.

Anyone got some recommendations for other video podcast channels that I might enjoy?


  1. I listed my favorite podcasts here although my enthusiasm did taper off part way through writing it so it isn’t as complete, or as detailed as I planned it to be.
    I sub more to audio podcasts than video ones, I like to just let iTunes play through them in the background whilst i’m working on something else on the comp.
    Of the ones you mention I do agree with your assessment. Especially Ze Frank, I unsubscribed very soon after trying it out, most of it went straight above my head and I ended up with an overwhelming urge to poke my fingers into the guys eyes.

  2. Here is my list.
    I have a short music podcast called “New Music Today” which is about 6-minutes long.

  3. Hi Mike,
    What program did you make that with?