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So this is what 8 Mbps feels like

ADSL modem connected at 8Mbps
A funny thing happened yesterday – our connection suddenly boosted itself to 8 Mbps. It’s spent a couple of weeks at around 5 Mbps, after we were upgraded to DSLMax which offers “up to” 8 Mbps speeds, but now the full speed upgrade has kicked in.

That said, I have done a couple of speed tests which peg us closer to the 4.5-5.0 Mbps range, so in actual fact things haven’t got much faster. But 5 Mbps is still pretty quick, and more than adequate for what we need it for.

One annoyance is that about the same time that this ‘upgrade’ happened, our latency when playing World of Warcraft rocketed. Normally it’s between 30ms and 40ms, but for large parts of yesterday it was over 1000ms which makes it almost unplayable. Similarly today it’s been bad, despite me trying everything at my end to get it to work. However, the upgrade did come at the same time as Blizzard’s weekly maintenance and a lot of other Brits are also having problems, so it may not just be us. Indeed, a traceroute seems to pin the problem at their ISP, not at PlusNet or our house.


  1. Count yourself lucky.. i’m paying for 8mbps yet i’m not even getting 0.3mbps.

  2. Then I take it Pat that you are what is known as…. a gullible prick… even though its quite usual that if you have an 8mbps connection you wont actually get the full 8…getting 0.3mbps and still paying for 8 is just madness!! Are you sure ur measuring it correctly cos it seems highly unlikely… or are you posting this message out from some where like…… Oooooh I dont know….. Rwanda for instance? Your next door neighbours arent the Tutsi tribe by any chance are they? Cos that may explain where the other 7.7 of your connection is going 🙂
    Make sure that your wireless connection (if it is indeed wireless) has a security lock on it cos any tom, dick or tutsi could be stealing ur connection if its not protected.
    No offence by the way to any of those I mentioned, its just a bit of fun.