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I’ve mentioned how I’ve been playing World of Warcraft quite a bit lately. I’m now about 2/3rds of the way through level 58, with the maximum level being 60 so I’m not far off there now. Once I get to 60, I will be able to join the rest of my guild on 20- and 40-man raids, whereby we get either 20 or 40 guild members all involved in a dungeon raid.

The guild I’m in, along with Hari, are now concentrating on the Blackwing Lair (BWL), which is one of the most difficult dungeons (Naxxramas being the most difficult, followed by The Temple of Ahn’Qurah). So far we’ve only been able to kill Razorgore in BWL, with the rest work-in-progress. Since my gear isn’t that great, I’ll be concentrating on the easier dungeons such as Zul’Gurub and Molten Core, which we can already complete in one or two days. I’ve done the pre-quest for Molten Core but the one for Onyxia is still in progress; it’s something that Hari is giving me a little sympathy for since it took her ages back in April to get hers done, mainly because she wasn’t in a guild at the time.

The fact that it has only taken me since June to get to 60 is slightly concerning, considering how long it took Hari; maybe I really have been playing too much…

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