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When you’re blocked by Hotmail

The university is in a bit of pickle at the moment, as apparently all messages sent from the university are being blocked by Hotmail. This, as you may be able to imagine, is highly inconvenient – many students have their email forwarded to their Hotmail accounts, and any messages to prospective students who use Hotmail will also get lost.

From what I can gather the block refers to the university mail server, so merely changing your email address to something else won’t work. This affects me because I normally use the university’s SMTP server, since it’s accessible from anywhere with a username and password and supports TLS encryption. So any messages to people on Hotmail will probably come via my Gmail account for the time being.

Naturally the university were not told that Hotmail had blocked them, and it’s only come to light about a week after the emails first started going missing. They’re not even being delivered to the Junk Mail folder, they’re actually being deleted outright.


  1. Ask the uni network admins to go to and they may find something helpful there. Same with AOL, go to .
    “Random blocks” are the bain of a email server admins life….

  2. yeah cia’s mail server is being blocked too. No bounces or anything, the mail just never arrives. Most annoying.

  3. Hi,
    Apologies for the late post – I was wondering if you knew how this was resolved or what was the cause? Hotmail have just decided to block my server too.

  4. actually, ive recently changed me email addy n every1 tha av me blocked on d old un aint on d new un, ha!

  5. What did you do when hotmail blocked all your outgoing mail. I cannot send to anybody who has a hotmail address, including clients. It’s essential that I sort this out quickly but can’t communicate with Hotmail. Can you advise me?

  6. So….Neil
    Did you find a solution or a contact form hotmail to get the schools email server unblocked. Our school is having the same problem

  7. Google Search Terms: email blocked by hotmail
    And your page came up high in result. Congrats man. LoL!
    Nice blog you got here. I’m a Computer Science student too.
    Hotmail blocked emails from my university’s social services club too and I’m the webmaster of that website. I just submitted my SPF record to Microsoft.
    Let’s see what happens. Keeping my fingers crossed.