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5 megabits of internet goodness

PlusNet have followed through with our upgrade to DSLMax, and so our connection is now running at a cool 5 MBit, up from the usual 2. We should be able to get up to 8, but many factors limit it, such as the distance from the exchange and the quality of wiring.

In any case, 5 is definitely better than 2, and a whole world better than dial-up. I’m looking forward to making use of the extra speed. Obviously I’ll be spending some time soon working out if I can squeeze some extra juice out of the line but I’ll settle for 5 for the time being.


  1. You be careful! Speed is addictive.
    Having just moved into a student room, I’m getting 30 MBps up and down for the equivalent of £10 a month.

  2. Sorry, that should’ve been 30Mbps.

  3. Ohh id love 5mbs or even 2mbs maybe a stable 1mbs 🙁

  4. I’m one of the lucky few in my area that can download from local nntp at over 1 MB a second. Not Mbit, but MB.
    Normal traffic is 500-600KB, but nntp has peaked at 2.1MB.
    Roadrunner is the coolest! (for now)