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One whole year

A year ago to the day, Hari and I had our first ‘date’. Today is our first anniversary.

There wasn’t an exchange of cards or gifts – we’re too disorganised/broke for that – but we did go out last night for a meal and to go to the cinema to see Children of Men. And no, there was no marriage proposal – that’s some way off yet, although I’m sure more people will be asking now.

A year seems like a long time but it’s something that’s crept up on us – I personally can still remember the first date quite vividly and it doesn’t seem that long ago that we first started seeing each other. Still, there’s no sign of it ending any time soon – we love each other more than ever. Roll on anniversary number 2.


  1. Congratulations you two!
    I went out with G for around 4 years before I asked her to marry me, so you’ve plenty of time…

  2. Congratulations!
    Rob’s right – what’s the rush if you’re happy as you are? That’s what I say.
    Anyway, it’s my first time here and it looks like you’ve got some really interesting stuff posted, so I just thought I’d say hello. Always nice to stumble across another British blogger.

  3. congrats 🙂 a year is always agood goal
    me and my missus are comming up to 3 or is it 4:-. ohhh