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How Many Of Me?
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How many have your name?


How Many Of is a site I found through a friend’s LiveJournal (it was a friends-only post) that tells you how many people in the US share your name, based on census data. Surprisingly, my name isn’t all that popular, with only 150 people there sharing my name – I’d have expected it to be much higher. ‘Turner’ is the 44th most popular surname but ‘Neil’ isn’t so much, coming well down in 524th place. This strikes me as slightly odd, since ‘Neil’ has its origins in Scots Gaelic and many Americans have Scottish heritage, but there you go.

It also tells you what proportion of a particular gender have that name. All of the Neils in the US are male, but apparently 0.25% of Davids are actually female – bearing in mind that there’s 3.5 million Davids, that’s a lot of girls called David.


  1. There are zero people in the US with the name Sven Latham, which would explain why I got my domain so easily 🙂
    Slightly more unexpected, there are zero people with the first name Sven. I would’ve thought there’d have been a few!

  2. There are 14 of me. I always thought one was enough, but I guess I was wrong.

  3. 135 of me – and even a famous one!!!! Excellent.

  4. There are zero of me. There are also zero of Firda. We are unique.

  5. unusual name

  6. how many people in the united ststes heve my name

  7. How many of me?


  9. My Birth name was Herman Barrron Jr. I thought it was so bad I changed it to Jim Barron

  10. How many have my name?

  11. I just wanted to no if any body else has my name?

  12. 0 people with my name!

  13. hi my name is also joss – tho i’m a girl and scottish!

  14. check rae ann sellers , mansell,coleman,bender,riley,ullrich, see if there are more.

  15. Are there any Marian Harra*s out there?????

  16. 150 with name Neil is not a lot in my opinion. I though there were much more.
    Karl = 106,489 lol a big difference.

  17. how many others with my name???

  18. How Many of me are there??

  19. how many People with MY NAME CAN YOU
    TELL ME PLease!

  20. How many of me?

  21. Hey i’ve had this name 43years how long have u had it.

  22. Molli isn’t that unusual name is it?? There is only one of me and that’s me!

  23. Who else has my name?

  24. Lol, 0 have my name ;D
    What about the UK though?

  25. 1 person has my name in us and im glad about that

  26. There are 5 people in the U.S. named Kylie Gordon.
    wow. lol
    there are 1 or fewer people that have my boyfriends name Brody Deming. wow