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My bank seems to like me at the moment. They’ve increased the interest rate on my savings account by 0.5% AER, and also increased the credit limit on my credit card to £800. So I can save more, and also borrow more. They haven’t reduced the ridiculously high interest rate on my credit card yet though so I may apply for a new one sometime in the near future, although thus far I’ve always paid off the full balance before the interest kicks in.

Went hiking on Sunday – we went up Whernside, the second of Yorkshire’s Three Peaks. I’ve done Pen-y-Ghent before but not Whernside, and we had very good weather for it considering that it was early October. Sadly I didn’t take my camera, so no pretty pictures of the hill or the nearby Ribblehead Viaduct.

Not much going on this week – we’ve been trying to find Hari a full-time job as she’s not taking any modules until after Christmas (she unfortunately did not pass her resits in August). So far we haven’t had much luck but we’re trying again in Bradford city-centre tomorrow. I’ve also been at work quite a bit, which is good as I’m a little strapped for cash right now. That overdraft is looking like it might get used again.
The weekend is a big one for Hari and I. Sunday is our 1 year anniversary (scary, I know), so we’re going out for dinner on Saturday night – provided we can actually get through to the restaurant to make a reservation which we’ve not managed so far. On the Sunday itself we’re on a ghost walk in the centre of Bradford, and Monday is the dreaded Theory Test, which I’m semi-confident about.


  1. All the stores seem to be taking on Christmas temps at the moment – not always full time but once in it’s usually easy enough to increase your hours. Plus they’re not arsed if you leave in January.
    Good luck for the theory and have a good weekend.

  2. it’s a beautiful part of the country, I’ve done it before. Dad’s done all three.
    Well done on being linked to in the opera blog

  3. Hi, Neil
    I reach your blog from the UKBlogger map. You are the only one in York.^^ Just want to ask, I am new to York for my study and not familiar to here around. Would u mind providing more info about how to go to Whernside, is that an one-day return trip and how to get there form town and the route? I love hiking but find few info about that in York.
    i also took some photos in York today. maybe u would like to take a look. and Happy Anniversary!