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By jove, we appear to be connectificated to the intahweb…

Hari’s internet is working again, hence the reason why I’m able to post this to you. They have a new modem now which appears to have fixed things, which is good. I’m unsure about their progress with their other Telewest grievances, though.

I’m actually posting this via my MacBook at Hari’s – they don’t have Wifi yet so I invested in a FireWire cable which now links my MacBook with Hari’s computer, which comes equipped with two FireWire ports, and then use Internet Connection Sharing to share it to my machine. It actually works quite well.

Hari’s computer has also seen an upgrade, in the form of an 80 GB Western Digital external hard drive, which means that she’s no longer pushed for space and can finally defragment her main disk to get some better performance. Once we have some more money, we’ll get her a memory upgrade – hopefully 2 GB, which should fix her currently sluggish World of Warcraft performance.

Speaking of which, I might just pop on there now…. see you later.

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