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Bad news and good news

As far as my internet access has been this week, I have bad news and good news.

The bad news is that Hari currently has no internet in her house, which is where we’ve been staying of late. Earlier this week, they changed the name on their Telewest cable bill, in order to take advantage of an offer of 2 months free for new customers. At the time, they were assured the transfer would be a simple one – no need for reinstallation and it would happen quickly. As you can imagine, it hasn’t.

The internet became very flaky, only being up for a few minutes at a time before going down again, so an engineer turned up yesterday to try to sort the problem out. And now it’s not working at all. Their set-top box was also taken away by an agent acting on Telewest’s behalf, who told them they should have had 30 days notice that this would happen – yet the change was earlier in the week. Their phone number was changed too, though apparently it has been changed back and they have been credited an extra month’s free line rental for it.

So right now there’s no TV and no internet at her house. Her housemates have also had to spend hours on the phone to Telewest, and there’s a couple of other problems too. I have a feeling that if Telewest don’t get their act together soon they may well be switching to another provider.
Which brings me to the good news – we’re finally getting 8 Mb broadband! PlusNet have been upgrading customers slowly to the service, due to problems encountered in the transition, and it’ll soon be our turn. I think our line will let us have up to 6 Mb – it could be better but it’s still much faster than the 2 Mb we have at present. And at no extra cost, too.

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