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Without Warcraft

The World of Warcraft realm that Hari and I play on has been down all day for the second time this week – it was offline all day Wednesday for hardware upgrades and again today due to some problems with players getting disconnected en masse. It won’t be back up until about 11pm this evening, according to the latest estimates.

On the one hand this is really annoying, as I’ve been really getting into WoW lately (level 51 now, incidentally) and it means that our guild has now missed two raids in Molten Core, but on the other hand it has given me time away from the game to catch up on the various feeds that I read regularly, for example, and to get a start on my dissertation. I did, however, create a new character on another server, so I now have a level 10 Tauren Druid called Bigmoocow, who is part of a guild called the Limewire Buccaneers which is formed out of various current and former members of our main guild. Hari’s character on the same server is Hireen, a Troll Shamen, and as usual her character is a much higher level than mine.

With a bit of luck Blizzard will credit our accounts with an extra couple of days playing, even if that does only amount to about 60p. Playing a Horde character has been a nice change but I’d like to play my paladin again. The game’s really starting to get interesting now that I’ve reached the higher levels and Hari and her friends can now help me more.

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