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Movable Type 3.33

In what has to be the first security fix in a very long time, Movable Type 3.33 has been released to patch up several currently-undisclosed flaws which were found internally by Six Apart themselves. Though you can download the whole shebang again, in reality the changes only seem to affect a few files and therefore downloading a patch instead should make things easier. As you can probably guess, 3.33 is now running on here.

Note that the vulnerabilities also affect Movable Type 3.2, and possibly even older versions if they’re still being used. Remember that as with the 2.6x series, the personal edition MT 3.3x has no limits on how many authors or blogs you can have, so there’s little reason not to upgrade.


  1. Wow… they haven’t abandoned MT after all. I was beginning to wonder…

  2. Oh great – release a patch the day before I’m about to go on holiday and don’t have time to upgrade 🙁
    Interesting thing is the new licencing being free – it was the main thing keeping me on 2.6.x
    I also hadn’t got around to upgrading/switching to wordpress….