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Sickly Server

As anyone who tried to access this site today will have noticed, it has suffered some downtime. This isn’t my fault, for once, but the result of a problem with the server itself. Consequently I’ve also had no email either which is inconvenient to say the least (and it’s still not yet up and running either) and the resources I’m hosting for my World of Warcraft guild have also been unavailable which made things somewhat difficult when it came to organising this evening’s Blackwing Lair raid (which we’ve just started). It’s still very slow and not everything’s working but at least part of it is up, and I imagine things will get better over time.

In other news, I’m giving OpenDNS a try to speed up our ridiculously slow DNS lookups (though I’m now thinking this is an issue with our router and not the ISP), I had another driving lesson today which was mostly consolidation of what I learned last week, and played more on World of Warcraft, where I’m now level 50, out of 60.

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  1. Let me know how your OpenDNS experience goes.
    John Roberts
    jbr at pencoyd dot com
    firstname at opendns dot com