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Randomness on tap

  • Spent most of the weekend asleep, to be honest, as well as playing World of Warcraft, though Hari and I did go out on Friday night. Upper Street, the boyband formed out of spare ex-members of other pop groups for MTV ‘s Totally Boyband, were playing at the student union – they were okay but only had two of their own songs and apart from a few girls at the front most people boo’ed them off stage. And then 3 young male chavs propositioned me and Hari, which was rather strange and somewhat scary. We declined.
  • WoW-wise my paladin is now level 49 (and a half), and has his first epic item which dropped in Maraudon. I’m trying to level up to 60 now so that I can join the rest of the guild in raiding – we brought down Ragnaros twice this week (after failing for weeks before) and Hakkar yesterday. There was also a Ruins of Ahn’Quiraj run today where we beat our previous best and killed two bosses – but to be fair we haven’t been concentrating on it much lately.
  • I was also invited to an illegal rave in a disused pub near campus last night. We didn’t go, due to the high likelihood of it being shut down by the police.
  • Term starts again properly tomorrow, so theoretically I need to get my dissertation started this week. I passed all of my resits, by the way, which I’m obviously pleased about.


  1. hey grats on the exams, and good luck on your dissertation, am waiting to hear how I did, scary stuff :s
    The 55-60 stage is the longest grind so hope you have a lot of free time for it.

  2. Congratulations on passing the resits!