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Lots of free stuff

Today was the Freshers Fair, an annual event where various local and national businesses try to court students into visiting them/signing up to their services by giving away copious amounts of free stuff. I was volunteering to help run the event this year, so as well as getting first dibs on all of the stuff at the start I could also get lots of stuff leftover at the end (which is why I have 3 t-shirts from the local Australian bar). I did manage to get some good stuff – some nice glasses, lots of money-off vouchers, posters and year planners – and some weird stuff, such as a spatula, islamic diary and an inflatable surfboard.

Of the more useful bits and bobs, I have a calendar detailing all of the religious festivals and awareness weeks for the next 12 months – as well as the main religions it also has Baha’i, Paganism, Voodoo, Rastafarianism and Zoroastrianism. But no Flying Spaghetti Monsterism. Or Scientology, for that matter.

I also have a poster of Boris Johnson, a couple of Pot Noodles, several tea bags and a pair of boxer shorts with ‘I Love Vodka’ on them. Not bad considering I didn’t pay for any of it.

I did pay for some things though – I joined the National Trust for a year, and invested in a National Express NX2 student discount card, since I may be using coaches more often in future. Annoyingly I also got a discount voucher for lessons with BSM, which is for new customers only – it could have got me a free lesson which is worth £20.

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  1. We had a fair like that at school, but we didn’t get anything cool just some free food samples and a bunch of pens and pencils.