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The Unarchiver

Here’s an indispensible program for Mac users who work with archives – The Unarchiver. It’s a bit like StuffIt Expander, except it’s open source, faster, supports more formats and doesn’t require you to sign your life away give your email address to the developers. In fact, you could get rid of StuffIt altogether, but The Unarchiver doesn’t support the propietary .sitx format which is (very) occasionally used by people, so you’ll still need it for that.

It also beats OS X’s built-in zip support by allowing you to have it open the folder automatically after the files have been extracted. All in all it’s a good little application, found through Cool OS X Apps.


  1. It does support .sit so are you sure it doesn’t support .sitx? I hate StuffIt so I am quite happy to have found The Unarchiver.

  2. I did check – yes, it supports .sit but not .sitx. StuffIt is the only program on any platform that does support it, unfortunately.

  3. ow far along is the progress (by you or other companies) in reverse-engeneering .sitx?