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iPod Envy

Being inactive internet-wise for much of the week has meant I’ve been rather behind on Apple’s announcements this week. Once again I’m envious of the new iPods – my two-year-old iPod Mini is now looking rather large compared with the very sleek new iPod Nanos, and the battery life of the new models is very impressive. Though having bought a new MacBook I can’t see myself getting a new iPod any time soon, especially as there’s nothing wrong with my current iPod – it’s working as well as it did on day 1, despite being dropped and just generally abused for 2 years.

The weird thing is that both Hari and I are having iPod envy this time around – I got her the black iPod Nano for her birthday and now she wants a pink one. She hasn’t yet put any music on it yet, though.

On a related subject I really like the new iTunes 7, even if I have no real intention of buying movies with it. The album art is especially welcome.

One Comment

  1. For me, the 640×480 video’s are really nice. Unfortunately, I have an entire season of a show at 320×240 and will have to purchase it again if I want the higher res.
    Still, it’s making my living room less and less reliant on Cable for our entertainment.