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So… yeah….

Once again, I’m apologising for it being quiet here. In between being at work, helping out the student union, spending time with Hari and playing World of Warcraft I just haven’t had any time for anything else, and with it being Welcome Week this week I’m going to be staying busy too.

Hopefully it’ll be blogging business as usual soon (I know I keep saying this…) but right now I’m rather rushed off my feet and blogging (and reading other blogs) are low on my list of things to do.


  1. Never apologise for having a life!

  2. Heh, if you didn’t have a life, you’d have nothing to blog, but have too much of a life and you have no time to blog it. It’s an awful catch 22.
    Incidentally, just had an idea for a show called Blog It! Could be good daytime BBC viewing…Get lots of people in a room doing crazy stuff which they then have to blog about on the BBC website. Or am I just nuts?