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High ho, high ho, it’s off to LBA I go…

It’s the middle of September, and that can only mean one thing – Welcome Week! And like the past two years I’m doing the airport pickups. Though most of the students don’t arrive until this coming weekend, a few are turning up this week. My first pickup is in about an hour’s time, so I’m heading off just as soon as I’ve finished blogging…

My driving’s progressing well – we went back to a place that I went to on my third lesson (which had lots of steep hills) and I did a lot better, with uphill and downhill starts being a lot neater. Still managed to stall a few times but I’m feeling a lot more confident. I’ll also get a date for my Theory and Hazard Perception tests soon.

On the Windows Vista front, I now have a working iSight camera, thanks to a bit of computer-fu with the temp folder and Universal Extractor. It’s not for the faint-hearted though. I think that means all of my hardware is working on Vista now, bar the Apple remote, but then Apple doesn’t have a Windows driver for that anyway so no big deal.

One problem I have had is getting the CD-ROM version of Monopoly to work – Vista stops it, saying it’s incompatible since there’s no Indeo codec (which is strange as I’m sure every Windows version since 95 has had Indeo…), and indeed it crashes if you try to run it. I’ll have to acquire a copy of the codec and see if that makes a difference.

Hari’s back in Bradford tomorrow and we’re going out for a birthday meal with (some of) her housemates. I know it’s been over a week since her birthday but we’re pro-longing the celebrations a bit.

Anyway, I have a minibus to chaperone, so I’ll sign off for now. Until the next time, here’s a strange advert showing the benefits of drinking milk, courtesy of YouTube.


  1. That advertisement was bizarre, wrong, and funny all at the same time. Japan is very interesting. I would not mind visiting that country sometime.

  2. Hurrah for Freshers’ Week in Bradford! I’m going to have to take a week off and stay with friends to fully enjoy it, but who cares….
    Bring on the drunken stories!

  3. Neil, I’m doing exactly the same thing tomorrow. Freshers week is next week, but people start moving in on Sunday. It sure is exciting being one of the ‘responsible’ ones.
    Good luck on the driving mate.
    ps: do you think the ‘sausage’ filtering is working?

  4. Dan: Thus far only 6 spam comments have defeated the sausages – before, I was getting about 60 a day. So yes, it’s working 🙂 .
    (In all cases, the spam was caught by the existing filters that I’ve always had)

  5. Heh, defeated the sausages. Sounds like a half decent film.
    Question – why when I tab through the fields does it tab past the sausage field straight into the main comments box?

  6. Because of some incompatbible HTML code left over from something.
    I’ve moved it below the comment box – let me know if that’s better.

  7. Nope. Still goes past. Ah well, I’ll just have to use my mouse.