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Where was your Mac built?

Mine was built in China, apparently. This is thanks to coconutIdentityCard which will tell you where and when your Mac (and your iPod) was made. Compulsory screenshot:

Admittedly it’s not the most useful application ever but I suppose it’s at least interesting. While you’re there, pick up cocunutWifi – it adds an icon to your top bar which shows whether any open wireless networks are available. Turns out my parents’ neighbours have jumped on the Wifi bandwagon, albeit without using WEP or WPA – potentially handy when their internet goes down (which is usually every Sunday, silly NTL) though there’s obviously the ethical issue of stealing someone else’s internet…

One Comment

  1. It’s not theft as such – had you any intention of permanently depriving them of “their intenet”? 😉 There may be other laws against what you’re suggesting, but it’s not theft.
    If the ethics worry you, should you tell your neighbour about the security problem?
    Or maybe they are being deliberately kind? At least one friend of mine does this deliberately.
    If course, if the traffic is NOT encrypted, other users of their free wireless connection could sniff your passwords – so it may not just be his security problem.