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Bwoken pooter

It’s typical isn’t it – as soon as I leave Hari’s parents’ house to go back to Bradford, her computer breaks. So until she comes back to Bradford next week I’m having to diagnose problems from over 100 miles away.

It was working fine earlier today, but this evening it had all manner of problems – no sound, programs crashing with gay abandon, and then it wouldn’t shut down properly. Cynics (read: Mac zealots) among you would describe this as normal Windows behaviour, but this machine has been looked after well and it’s definitely not normal.

Though she has installed a couple of games this week, there were no major changes to the software today that would trigger problems like this, which leads me to believe it’s a hardware problem. I have a suspicion that the RAM has gone dodgy, which wouldn’t be too bad as I’ve promised her a memory upgrade soon (and I think we’re going the whole hog with 2 GB), but it may also be the HD which obviously is not a good thing. I may have to walk her through running Memtest86 or something equivalent to be sure.

If any of you have any better ideas, please comment, since I now have a girlfriend eager to play on World of Warcraft, but can’t. 🙁


  1. I know when I’m remotely diagnosing computer faults, I use (and, if I think I’ll have to support the friend/family for sometime, I install ). Of course, this remote access/control system does rely on the end user being able to connect to the internet….

  2. Does this mean we get more posts, if you’re back in Bradford?