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Go West, where the skies are blue

Once again, I’m apologising for not saying much lately. I’m starting to regret being a more prolific blogger in the early days since I now feel bad about not posting for a couple of days.

The main reason for the lack of posts is that I’ve been staying over at Hari’s parents for a few days – it was her birthday on Saturday and I’m staying on til Wednesday, which will make for a nice break after all the stress of Clearing, exams and also the death of Hari’s grandfather 3 weeks ago. This is something I haven’t mentioned here before for a variety of reasons but suffice to say we’re all starting to move on again.

Hari also had relatives over so I’ve been trying to spend time with them, although I’ve also had my MacBook with me so there has been the occasional game of WoW and I’ve been keeping on top of my emails. We’re going in to town today for a bit of shopping (and to put money into the bank) and then I’m taking Hari out for a birthday dinner at her local pub. And tomorrow we’re going out with the rest of her family for a meal and an evening out.

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