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Single-handedly reducing Bradford’s mouse population

  • Some of my neighbours seem to think that leaving bread out for the local pigeons is a good idea, so this is a common sight in my neighbourhood. This of course means that we have lots of pigeons in the area, and also lots of mice. Some months ago, at least a few of these mice took up residency in my bedroom. However, of late I appear to have mastered the art of catching the mice – we’re using the standard Little Nipper mousetraps but placed in slightly darker areas of the room and using bits of Mars bar as bait, which the mice seem to like and it also sticks to the trap better so that it’s harder to pull off. Thus far, I’ve managed to catch several mice over the past few days, so hopefully they’ll be gone soon. At least for the time being.
  • Health-wise I’m feeling much, much better. I’m now reasonably convinced that I have in fact not got glandular fever, which is a huge relief considering how long it takes to recover. My asthma is back to normal, as is my appetite, and I’m not getting the headaches either. Unfortunately it would appear that Hari may be going down with what I have, poor girl.
  • Hexorious mounted on a WarhorseAs I mentioned I’ve been playing World of Warcraft quite a bit lately. Hexorious, my paladin, is now level 41 and so is duly equipped with a Warhorse. Right now I’m mostly concentrating on improving his fishing skills and making money, which as an alchemist and herbalist is quite easy, thankfully. If you are into selling things on WoW, then the Auctioneer addon is well-worth getting as it’ll tell you how much you can expect to sell things for.
  • My latest driving lesson was this morning – I’ve been learning right-turns (having mastered left-turns last week). Should be due to take my theory test in a few weeks time.
  • Hari is off to her parents’ house again this evening. It’s her birthday this weekend and so I’ll be joining her down there on Friday, and then returning on Sunday. In the meantime I’m at work all week. Not particularly exciting, but there you go.


  1. Mouse/rat problem? Get a cat!
    Honestly, once a cat knows there’s living food running around waiting to be played with – there’s no stopping them! At my parents, a mouse got in under the cooker – I just opened up the underneath of the cooker, cat dashed in, cat dashed out with mouse tail hanging from mouth 😉
    I also had a couple of mice get into my kitchen last year – my cat wouldn’t touch them whilst they were running around the worksurfaces (she knows it’s a no go area) – but turn on the dishwasher to scare the mouse and it committed suicide by jumping straight into the cats mouth.
    Congratulations on mastering left turns – at least you now no longer have to drive in circles 🙂 I’ve got my theory this Saturday so good luck to you with that!

  2. I recently had a mouse problem in a cabin I was borrowing for the summer. I successfully caught 37 in two months. I couldn’t kill them so I used live traps, however, those 37 may have been 5 that just kept coming back.

  3. Oh, and I saw this on the web to do with War of Warcraft – Real-life War of Warcraft! Enjoy the element of realism.

  4. Sorry, here it is in English: