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Flickr and Maps

Flickr now allows you to add your photos to a map, bring in place a long-requested feature that so far has only been possible through various Greasemonkey hacks. It’s certainly welcome, and I’ve migrated my 99 existing Geotagged photos over to the new system so that you can see them on a map.

Of course, with Flickr being owned by Yahoo, it means that they have gone with Yahoo Maps for the mapping service. This is fine for people in the US, but as I’ve previously mentioned their UK maps are woefully poor and thus it’s impossible for me to accurately Geotag my photos because the maps do not have enough detail for you to be able to pinpoint locations. It’s a pity considering that Windows Live Local and Google Maps both have good UK coverage.

Oh, and another amusing mistake I’ve found on Yahoo Maps- it shows the two railway lines into Bradford as being joined up. Though the Caldervale line (from the south) and Airedale and Wharfedale lines (from the North) are on the same alignment, they both terminate at different stations either side of the city centre and are at significantly different heights above sea level. Though many would like them to meet up in the middle, they never have done and I’m sure they never will, what with Bradford not being a particularly important railway destination and the amount of engineering involved.


  1. I’ve just written about Localising and Geotagging using Flickr and an application built with Google Maps which came out a couple of weeks ago.
    I’m suprised but very glad that Flickr have implemented this, and it is pretty impressive and easy to add your photos (although, I’ve only added ones I’d already geotagged). Will have a play and maybe a write up this week.

  2. Flickr geotagging interface is brilliant, but Yahoo Maps coverage for most of the World is very poor. This is a important issue because Flickr’s geotagging interface is not designed for accuracy, but for massive geotagging, what it is perfect for some people, but not for others.
    If you prefer Google Maps for mapping your photos and you care about accuracy, our project, Panoramio, may be interesting for you. Btw, you can later watch the photos in Google Earth KML feed, a much better experience than web based maps.